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Digpu News Network Announces Tech Whiz 2019 - Top 100 Tech Experts -

Digpu News Network lays a platform to recognise the Top 100 Tech Experts in India. Tech Whiz calls out all tech geeks of the country to participate India, an emerging world power, is becoming a hub of solution providers with extraordinary technical prowess. According to The Global Skill Index Report 2019, India is one among the emerging technical power around the globe, ranking 44th in the world. While innumerable Indian minds have proved their mettle in the global arena, we truly believe India has more to offer. To illuminate the world on this, Digpu News Network announces Tech whiz 2019, a global recognition program to acknowledge and appreciate India's Top 100 Tech Experts. Tech Whiz is a first-of-its-kind initiative where the individuals can showcase their expertise to the world. The Top 100 Tech Experts will be selected based on authentic reviews and public mandate. Digpu News Network invites all techies from their respective niches to enrol in Tech Whiz and exhibit their tech

AI Helps or Hinders Entrepreneurship: Gurbaksh Chahal Debunks Myths

AI Helps or Hinders Entrepreneurship: Gurbaksh Chahal Debunks Myths While artificial intelligence (AI) has come a long way over the years, misconceptions and, more importantly, mistrust around it still linger. It is widely believed that humans will no longer be required for running businesses and AI will soon take over. While the view isn’t entirely unfounded and things AI can do today were once considered Utopian, but it is a change which should be celebrated rather than doubted, according to Gurbaksh Chahal, an entrepreneur and Internet advertiser who uses AI. “AI, machine learning–these have been a part of our lives in some form or the another for quite some time,” says Chahal, “but we still hear a great deal about them that really twists around their capabilities and potential. For example, we are constantly hearing that it is going to eliminate jobs. In fact, while AI has eliminated some forms of employment, the number is very low and far outweighs the jobs that it has created.” T