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East Delhi Market raided by Mumbai Enforcement for duplicating Prince Pipes and Fitting Products

POLICE CONDUCTED A RAID AT VIJENDER KUMAR OWNED M/S KAPIL TRADERS. THE OWNER HAS BEEN BOOKED FOR USING THE DUPLICATED PRODUCT UNDER THE BRAND NAME OF PRINCE PIPES AND FITTING LIMITED New Delhi, India — The Cantonment of Maharashtra Enforcement, investigator and officials of Prince Pipes and Fitting Limited raided M/S Kapil Traders, New Delhi on February 21, 2020. Police conducted a raid at Vijender Kumar owned M/S Kapil Traders at Karawal Nagar, North East Delhi. The owner has been booked under section 420 of IPC and Section 102, 103 & 104 of US Trademark act for using the duplicated product under the brand name of Prince Pipes and Fitting Limited. Seized goods were one-inch CPVC Pipes, Greenfit PP-R and 27 CPVC ball valves that are currently under police custody. The spokesperson of Prince Pipes and Fitting Limited, said “We are committed to customer satisfaction by meeting their needs & expectations. We believe the trade, consumers & the institutions understand that we ha