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Know It All With Havenspire: A Community You Can Trust -

HAVENSPIRE HAS EMERGED AS THE LEADING SOURCE OF EDUCATION AND SPECIALIZATION IN THE STOCK MARKET INDUSTRY NATION-WIDE WITH MORE THAN 1000 ASPIRING MEMBERS TRYING THEIR HAND AT TRADING - “Trading is not about being right. Trading is a game of math. It is about finding setups that offer you a good risk or reward and pulling the trigger” – Mike Bellafiore   Any internet search about stock market trading will declare that the equity market provides a secure and controlled environment where its participants can transact in shares and invest with zero to almost very low operational risks. If anyone can go in and come back rich whenever they want to, it would be too easy though isn’t it? Most people stay away from the trading industry because they fear their losses will be immense and that it’s basically a gamble to invest in it. This is the part where Havenspire and its co-founders can shine some light. They believe that gambling is all about 50-50 chance and that a good trader would never t