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Venteskraft – All AboutEntrepreneurship And Stock Trading

Venteskraft – All AboutEntrepreneurship And Stock Trading The founders,Mahin BS and Rahul Rajeev, who are youngsters themselves, advocate for living the best while you are young and emphasise on financial independence and entrepreneurship resonating with the youth of today. A new age firm in recent times has been gaining a lot of attention, especially youngsters. Venteskraft, cofounded by Mahin BS and Rahul Rajeev, saw its inception in 2014, starting out as a stock market training institution. They offer mentorship in the stock market, aiming to teach students how to use the stock market effectively. [caption id="attachment_10819" align="alignnone" width="989"] Venteskraft[/caption] The company has seen rapid growth in recent years, with 30,000+ individuals under their various programs. Venteskraft provides practical knowledge to trade in the stock market, with their well-crafted strategies and industry depth research and analysis, which has been seeing e

Venteskraft : A coming of age business venture

   Venteskraft- A coming of age business venture   There is a popular quote among the international business community, “21st century belongs to Asia”. This is true for the most part since Asian countries have become the driving force of the global economy. India has been in the centre of this driving force and the stock market is its fuel. The stock market of India has been touching new milestone now and then, So much s o that it now 7th biggest stock market in the world. We are looking at innovative stock market businesses which not only progress themselves but also support the market too. Venteskraft is one such business venture, which has been proven significant to countless other businesses and has progressed so far that it will soon become among the top ten in India. Venteskraft was co-founded by Rahul Rajeev Kakkookkal and Sheeja Mahin Balachandran in 2017. The company was registered at Registrar of Companies, Bangalore. It is a coming of age business venture because the way the