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Turn recession into an opportunity, says Abhijit Adhya

Turn recession into an opportunity, says Abhijit Adhya In conversation with Digpu, Abhijit Adhya talks at length about the top 5 things to be done by organisations to survive through this ordeal and emerge victorious through this COVID-19 pandemic. He believes we can turn the recession into an opportunity with responsive agility. Abhijit Adhya, a pro bono consultant on Business Transformation, Corporate Leadership and Change Management, is currently the Director, Business Transformation at GI, (UK) Global Delivery Centre in India, he leads the firm’s global Results Delivery practice, helping the organization get all it can out of major change efforts. He works closely with the Board of Directors on all aspects of the transformation process—from structuring, orchestrating, and enabling the change, to energizing the transformation and helping senior leadership lead these challenging efforts. Abhijit has travelled extensively across the globe working with fortune 500 organizations in nume