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Finally, India Finds A Lasting Solution To Global Warming

Finally, India Finds A Lasting Solution To Global Warming  - While the greenback remains a common link between countries today, there’s another common, and not so pleasant link that’s bringing nations together – global warming. From Leonardo Di Caprio’s efforts to prevent catastrophic climate change to France encouraging people to swim during the scorching summer, and India making a proactive, environmental-friendly commitment at the Paris Climate Summit, global warming is no longer a threat – it is a stark reality that demands immediate attention. At a macro level, countries are slowly but surely implementing policies that curb use of hazardous materials across industries, which have an adverse effect on our environment. Further, at an individual level, only a handful of ‘aware and conscious’ citizens are taking steps to ensure they lead an environmentally friendly life. However, there is a vast degree of separation between Government efforts and individual ambitions. Innova Engineeri