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Brandify You - Read Rishabh Marathe& Powerful Book On Branding

Strategic Marketer & Personal Branding Coach Rishabh Marathe&;Brandify You& is a book on personal branding with a difference. Mumbai, India, February 27, 2020 -The latest book by Strategic Marketer & Personal Branding Coach Rishabh Marathe on the topic of personal branding Brandify You& has a very interesting take on personal branding. The author realized his passion for serving people with the need for personal branding when he wanted to recognize his own identity. Through this book, he offers insights on the skillsets and mindset required to be a successful personal brand who can survive any platform and any change if the purpose is right. The author Rishabh, has a strong fundamental for life where he has a mission to transform 100K lives, find their identity. Rishabh Marathe is a Strategic Marketer, Personal Branding coach and a lifelong learner. He is a Senior Marketer working for BIC-Cello India and has studied Strategic Digital Marketing from Cambridge