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Meet AS Designs – India’s Youngest Digital Solutions Provider -

Meet AS Designs – India’s Youngest Digital Solutions Provider The sight of two teenagers guiding a closed-door CXO meeting on the marketing strategy for the company’s new product launch is something that can leave us all in awe of the talent that the founders of AS Designs possess. Hashif T P and Lazim Masoud, co-founders of AS Designs were born and bred in Kerala and can easily pass off as the teen supporting leads in the next version of Deadpool, but when you spend 30 minutes with them over the table on a discussion on ‘digital marketing tactics’, you (and yes you), will emerge a changed man. Both Lazim and Hashif knew digital marketing was their calling the moment they started their self-learning journey that involved spending late hours trying to accumulate knowledge through online platforms. Armed with hunger to learn, dreams to succeed and discipline to follow through, these two young entrepreneurs slowly but surely expanded their skill set by learning web designing, graphic desi