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Innovative Technology Led Montessori Concept Aims To Change Indian Preschools

KIDZ KAMPUS EDUTECH HAS CREATED AN INTERACTIVE SOFTWARE WHICH IS BASED ON GAMIFICATION OF THE EARLY EDUCATION LEARNING PROCESS. IT HAS SEVERA INTERESTING CHARACTERS, SUCH AS CUTIE PIE PENGUIN, NAUGHTY MONKEY, BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY ETC. TO TEACH NEW CONCEPTS TO THE CHILDREN  Bengaluru, India — Montessori Education is well established and has been around for over 110 years. Many successful leaders such as Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google founders), Beyonce (famous singer) and many others have vouched for Montessori Education’s ability to positively influence young minds. Over the years, preschool education has evolved. New techniques have been mixed with traditional approaches to reflect the needs of changing times. Kidz Kampus Edutech Services is leading an innovation which blends the latest technology into the traditional Montessori education. Sonali, CEO of Kidz Kampus Edutech, says, “Montessori education is recognized globally for its ability to impart education to young learners. We