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SmartyList – The Future Of Online Browsing Launched In India

SmartyList, the new AI-based technology set to disrupt and simplify browsing habits of 3 billion+ internet users across the globe Internet users across the globe finally have an answer to their teething browsing issues that take up their time and energy in the form of SmartyList. Veeresh Devireddy, founder and IT veteran recently launched SmartyList with an aim to transform the conventional method of browsing through Artificial Intelligence (AI) in as intuitive a manner as possible. In short, it will enhance the user interface (UI) with more interactive controls so that users can save and manage any favorite data instantaneously. Its AI services are designed to find the relevant data in real-time and help users make faster choices. When it comes to even basic browsing, almost every user is forced to follow the conventional metho ofbookmarking, taking notes, opening tabs, emails etc., and then making tireless efforts to locate their saved files when needed. With new content being churne

AI Helps or Hinders Entrepreneurship: Gurbaksh Chahal Debunks Myths

AI Helps or Hinders Entrepreneurship: Gurbaksh Chahal Debunks Myths While artificial intelligence (AI) has come a long way over the years, misconceptions and, more importantly, mistrust around it still linger. It is widely believed that humans will no longer be required for running businesses and AI will soon take over. While the view isn’t entirely unfounded and things AI can do today were once considered Utopian, but it is a change which should be celebrated rather than doubted, according to Gurbaksh Chahal, an entrepreneur and Internet advertiser who uses AI. “AI, machine learning–these have been a part of our lives in some form or the another for quite some time,” says Chahal, “but we still hear a great deal about them that really twists around their capabilities and potential. For example, we are constantly hearing that it is going to eliminate jobs. In fact, while AI has eliminated some forms of employment, the number is very low and far outweighs the jobs that it has created.” T