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LizMotors Mobility Uses AI and IoT to Create Safety Devices For Kids And Women

The Startup has developed an AI and Machine Learning Based device, equipped with multiple sensors that constantly monitor the drivers as well as passengers and send out the notifications to support the office if anything unusual is detected. Personal safety has become a major concern in our society, no matter where you go there is always the anxiety of safety not only for ourselves but also for our friends and family. Evidence shows that crime against children and women has peaked. According to the National Crime Records Bureau, Crimes against children in India have increased by more than 500% over the last 10 years. Lizmotors Mobility, A company based in Gurgaon is working on a technology that is tailored to kids and women safety. The company has developed a unified cloud-based software platform to address some of the safety-related issues, the software platform lets users connect their IoT devices such as wearables, phones, vehicles, and security cameras and notify users or any third