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Innovative Technology Led Montessori Concept Aims To Change Indian Preschools


Bengaluru, India —

Montessori Education is well established and has been around for over 110 years. Many successful leaders such as Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google founders), Beyonce (famous singer) and many others have vouched for Montessori Education’s ability to positively influence young minds.

Over the years, preschool education has evolved. New techniques have been mixed with traditional approaches to reflect the needs of changing times. Kidz Kampus Edutech Services is leading an innovation which blends the latest technology into the traditional Montessori education.

Sonali, CEO of Kidz Kampus Edutech, says, “Montessori education is recognized globally for its ability to impart education to young learners. We are taking this concept to the next level by merging technology-aided learning with the traditional Montessori.” Hailing from a family which has been in the teaching profession for three generations now, Sonali was driven towards education naturally. She has qualified in Montessori education and has attained
degrees in early education from the University of Wisconsin, University of London, Penn Foster University and Jolly Phonics.

Kidz Kampus Edutech has created interactive software along with complementing colourful books. The software is based on ‘single click multiple feedbacks’ approach, which provides audio feedback, visual activity and animation led response to provide a rich response to the young learners. The same context continues from software to books as well, which makes learning fun for children. The concept involves the gamification of the Early Education learning process. To do that, Kidz Kampus has created several interesting characters, such as Cutie Pie Penguin, Naughty Monkey, Beautiful Butterfly etc. to teach new concepts to the children. After learning these concepts in colourful books, kids practice them in custom-developed software. In this software, these characters become alive and interact with the children.

Sonali explains, “The software’s ability to provide a rich-audio visual context and to continue the same context seamlessly to books has a tremendous impact on children. Immersive gamification and instant gratification spike children’s interest in learning. British early education centres have already adopted such mechanisms nationwide. They are live proof of the success of this concept.

Kidz Kampus plans to bring the same proven concept to the Indian preschool industry.” Kidz Kampus is taking this innovative new concept to the field by setting up a chain of preschools across the country.  But the question remains – how will they integrate such a high-end technology into preschools? Most of the primary school teachers may not be exposed to the concept of operating software for teaching kids.

To this, Sonali explains, “Kidz Kampus team has Centralized Shared Service centres to support the preschool operations. The Centralized Shared Service centres provide extensive training to the teachers of our franchisees on how to use the software in day-to-day operations along with the books.”

“It is not practical for franchisee partners to send teachers away for frequent training sessions. At the same time, training teachers is very important as they are responsible for delivering quality education to children. Looking at these issues, Kidz Kampus Edutech has devised an online training mechanism for teachers using its software which ensures quality education”, she added.

One of the biggest gaps in our education system today is English pronunciation. The Indian education system doesn’t include phonetics as a part of the curriculum. Learning phonetics using arcane phonetics symbols is not practical for the Indian context. The problem becomes even more acute in B-class and C-class towns, where finding teachers with appropriate English accents is not practical for franchisees.

The Kids Kampus Edutech software addresses this problem by speaking to children in neutral, conversational English which is easy to grasp. This creates the right benchmarks for the children. Laying an appropriate educational foundation for young learners is an important building block for any society. Leveraging technology to raise the educational standards of India’s children to a global level is a noteworthy initiative.  We need more innovators and entrepreneurs like Kidz Kampus Edutech in our society today to achieve this noble objective.

Source : Digpu

Source- This Press Release is distributed by DIGPU NEWS NETWORK


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