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Strip: GMN Health Care has launched various new products specifically designed for shortage of protein supply.

Chennai 16 th Sept 2019 |  Even the prospect of growth drives new players into India's booming Food & Beverage (F&B) market. Nobody desires to miss the buzz at any cost because the market grows at a clip of about 15% per annum. On 2025 the global protein supplements market size is expected to reach US$ 21.5 billion at CAGR of 6.3% over the forecast period.

Nutritional health drink seems to have witness grown in popularity on the F&B market because food preparation is time consuming with the average of 50+ hours per week. Currently, about one billion people throughout worldwide have chronic inadequate intake of essential protein on their daily diet. Protein needs to: (a) digest and absorb dietary nutrients (b) transport nutrients and (c) oxidize nutrients. Dietary protein deficiency not only contributes to poor growth, cardiovascular dysfunction, and worsens metabolic profiles. Thus, the deficiency of protein and micronutrients remains a major nutritional problem in India.

To build wellness and to enhance a healthy body and mind through balanced nutrition GMN Health Care had launched various new products specifically designed for shortage of protein supply. Over the previous year, GMN Health Care is being the patron and tower of strength taking several steps to eradicate various protein deficiencies in India. On that way, GMN Health Care had launched Pro360 Protein nutritional health drink to highlight the consistent growth and produce the best nutritional supplement for protein malnutrition.

Keeping all this in mind Pro360 had paved the way for a wide range of products to rejuvenate the overall good health of a human being.

For Kids, Pro360 scientifically formulated Pro360 Kids, an adequate nutritional protein intake to improve memory, boost immunity and overall growth and development of children. For Women, Pro360 designed an ideal drink Pro360 Women to maintain effective blood levels and boost hemoglobin function that helps to regulate the menstrual cycle. For Diabetics, Pro360 devised an ultimate malnutrition Pro360 Diabetic to neutralize blood sugar
level and controls diabetic neuropathy and retinopathy. For Pregnant and Lactating Mothers, Pro360 formulated a new protein supplement Pro360 Mom to fulfill inadequate protein intake during pregnancy and breastfeeding involving fetal development and reduces the risk of gestational diabetes.

For Hair Growth, Pro360 coined an absolute nutrition Pro360 Hair Grow to prevent hair loss, skin conditioning and controls acute alopecia and Premature ageing. For Orthopedic patients, Pro360 manufactured Pro360 Ortho Protein Powder to improve healing and joint flexibility, reduces stiffness, swelling, improve visions and chronic inflammation from sports and training. It is also available in Veg and Non- Veg flavours. For Weight Gaining and Weight Loss Pro360 produced two separate products to make a body healthily fit. Pro360 Weight Gainer Protein Powder serves as a good source of calories needed for weight gain to enhance the stamina and bone strength. Pro360 Slim Protein Powder also introduced you to reduce the excess fat and the cell death of adipocytes.


For the Respiratory and COPD patients, Pro360 launched Pro360 Respiro, a peerless nutritional health drink helps to clear obstructions in the airways and strengthens the lungs as by reducing CO2 using a high fat formulation. For Hepatic liver care, Pro360 is launching an advance nutritional supplement Pro360 Hepa, for people suffering from obstructive jaundice, liver cirrhosis and fatty liver. It also improves bile flow and prevents muscle protein catabolism in liver. For people who are being treated with dialysis, Pro360 is going to launch a Pro360 Nephro HP and LP, dialysis care dietary supplements. Pro360 Nephro HP is high in calories and protein provides the complete renal nutrition to fulfill the needs of dialysis patients. Pro360 Nephro LP is high in calories with lower protein helps to slow down the progression of chronic kidney disease and maintain nutrition status.

For Patients who are undergoing Chemotheraphy, Radiation & surgery, Pro360 has introduced Pro360 Canpro a magnificent nutritional supplement helps to control muscle loss and improve skeletal system and minimize the burdens on the digestion and absorption system. More than Hundreds of smaller scale entrepreneurs and 200 brands were competing in the online protein powder category alone, among them GMN Health Care’s Pro360 had reached its new trademark in the modern-day world.



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